<div class="noflash-container"> <div class="nav"> <a href="index.html">MAIN PAGE</a> <a href="about.html">ABOUT MAJESTIC</a> <a href="supertechno-cranes.html">EQUIPMENT</a> <a href="recent-work.html">RECENT WORK</a> <a href="contact.php">CONTACT</a> </div> <div class="content"> <h1><a href="supertechno-cranes.html">SuperTechno Cranes</a></h1> <p style="margin-left:20px;">Majestic has an entire compliment of technocranes complete with the 3 axis Z head, monitors, wireless focus and zoom control, wireless headsets, track, and rain covers to fit your production needs.</p> <h1><a href="remote-heads.html">Remote Heads</a></h1> <p style="margin-left:20px;">From the solid 3 axis Z head, to the stabilized Libra blue strip, to the ultra stabilized Pictorvision XR remote head, Majestic has the right head to fit your production.</p> <h1><a href="motion-capture.html">Motion Capture</a></h1> <p style="margin-left:20px;">Encoder output is available on all axis of the technocranes<br /> and heads to work with your special effects / MoCo<br /> and CGI departments.</p> <p style="margin-left:20px;">&nbsp;</p> <address>Majestic Light<br> 111 East 14th St., New York, NY 10003<br> <br> Our official New York telephone number is: 212-477-1147<br> Fax 212-529-9547<br> Our toll free number is: 800-310-4783</address> </div> <div class="phone-no"><a href="contact.php"><strong>800.310.4783</strong> CALL FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE</a></div> </div>